Not sure if Don would like that comparison ;)

DevConnections, Day 1 (and so far of 2)

Spent my time talking with assorted cool people. The ASP.NET community is amazing -- I love these people. Sad to admit, but I didn't go to any sessions. They were all Scott & Rob (apologies to both), so I think I may have seen them already (or just lifted them off Rob's hard drive).

Amusing bit. Rather than use the <ick> phone line in my room, I've been using the wireless access available in the PUBlic areas of the hotel. I've grown so used to wireless and/or high-speed that I almost expect it, or at least take it for granted. As well as DevConnections, there is also some banker conference going on. As I sat doing my e-mail, one banker looked amazed -- "You're using that wireless phone stuff, aren't you? What speed is that? Hey, Jerry -- look at this guy, he's using that wireless phone stuff to get his e-mail." <sigh -- welcome to the 21st century, time to pick up the flying car>

Went out to a late dinner with Jason, Ingo and Ingo's muse, Katya. No Remoting was discussed.

Day 2 - More great people. Look for some fabulous articles from Steve, Marcie, Eli and others soon on MSDN. (I figure by writing it here, the pressure is on) ;)

Now, I'm off to a talk.