I was at a talk by Anders Hjelsberg yesterday. He was discussing the already well documented v.Next features of C# (and other .NET languages). I've commented in the past on my weakness for hero worship, but he awes me whenever I see/hear him. Such power, and deep, deep knowledge. His enthusiasm for languages, and desire to help make programming easier, safer, and less error prone is beyond admirable. 

While Generics have gotten all the attention, Partial Types to me are the cool feature going forward. This enables you to "divide" up a class into a number of physical locations. On compile, they are combined into the final class. This gets rid of the "Don't edit this code" nature of a lot of code generators. You can have that generated in one part of the class, and your code in another. End result is the same.

This is the goal -- I've often said that, "If the compiler is so darn smart, why doesn't it do more?" Compilers like (I can feel the flames already) GCC may do some inlining/optimization, but do they make your coding simpler? This is turning into another of my rambles, so I'll leave it with:

Beg, borrow steal some money - Go to the PDC this year.

TTFN - Kent

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