I haven't scanned too deeply into old posts, so I'm assuming no one has noticed/cares, so I'll post.

For the three or four of you that care, the Visual J# Developer Center has launched! Here's your one stop center for all the VJ# information you need to build your Enterprise-grade, world-class, mission-critical applications using the most important, significantunrespected likely to lead to a lawsuit .NET language. 

What is Visual J#? It is the Java language (v 1.1.4) that creates applications that work with the CLR (*not* a JVM). Why should you care? If you have existing J++ code, this is the best way to get them to .NET. If you have Java experience, (and can't/won't learn C#/VB .NET/COBOL/Whatever) this is the best way to write apps for .NET. If you want to make use of some features that aren't in the core Framework, but are in the J# libraries (like Zip support), then you may want to learn about J#.

The last reason I'd like you to look at the J# Dev Center is that D and I spent far too much time while in Dallas fixing the site to get it ready for the launch. It kept me up late, had me frustrated with the overall state of the world, and employees of the Great Satan. Bitterness on this elsewhen.

TTFN - Kent

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