Overall, I feel good-ish about TechEd. There were a lot of people there. D said it was a record attendance. Could this mean the recession/depression/slowdown is over? Dev Connections also seemed to have a larger attendance this year, compared to last. People were excited, and many were very familiar with .NET.

As I said in my last post, I spent a lot of time in the Hands-On-Labs area for the developer tools. Most popular labs seemed to be (in rough order) the ASP.NET lab, the intro Windows Forms lab, the Visio/UML lab, Office development with .NET and the ASP.NET Mobile Controls lab. Most people seemed to have no problems with the labs (with the exception of a few people that should step away from the keyboard), and the place was *packed*. Most of the time there were actually 3-4 people waiting for a computer to free up so they could get started. It was good to see the interest in .NET possibly increasing? Watching people buying books at the TechEd Mall, and looking over the shoulders of people using CommNet also seemed to indicate people are willing to learn again. Maybe I left evangelism too soon? (NOT!)

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