I don't normally like programs from other companies...

OK, sarcasm doesn't come across when I'm typing. I'm a big fan of

  1. Delphi and JBuilder from Borland
  2. Everything I've tried from Macromedia (except the really graphic stuff, as I s8ck worse than normal at that)
  3. PaintShop Pro (incredible value for the $$$)
  4. Mozilla Firebird
  5. Everything I've tried from Apache

However, as you can probably tell from the title of this post, I'm currently in love (again) with UltraEdit. I've spent the better part of last week and today in there, using the incredible "Replace in Files", macros and other features. If you need an editor, and can afford the princely sum of $35, click on over to their site. It's worked on every file I've thrown at it, and I've even used it occasionally to open binary files looking for strings (always a fun way to find out what something is written in).

Ooops! I see I'm even running a version back. Time to upgrade.

Biggish announcement in the morning as far as the DevCenter (no, I'm not quitting yet)

TTFN - Kent

[Not listening to anything]