How's that for a dull title?

Either way. Two fresh, exciting articles for your ASP.NET dining pleasure. For those who can't get enough of caching, or of Steven A Smith, we have his “ASP.NET Caching: Techniques and Best Practices” article. This is now live at:

Also, for those who are ... let's say ... uhm ... less Web intensive, we're starting a new series of articles on the Developer Center -- “Jump into ASP.NET”. This series, written masterfully by eraServer.NET's Mike Amundsen, is designed to walk developers through the design and coding of an online Knowledge Base system. For those coming from the desktop, or from 'classical Microsoft design strategies', will hopefully find this series a valuable resource. The first article in this series, "Planning and Design" is now live at:

Please note that these are the places for the headlines. I'll be posting the more permanent resting places once I put them there as well.

Thanks, and as always, let me know if these are helping (or even if you're seeing these)

TTFN - Kent

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