Funny how little things affect me so -- must be the advancing years making me sentimental.

I just stuck my second product plaque on my “Ship-it” award today -- Visual Studio .NET 2003. While my contribution to that Service pack important release is certainly very much less than many, I like to think of the fact that I helped get the news out to the world. I'm actually glad the company has those. It's often interesting to be in someone's office and see the myriad products they worked on. You'll see people that wander -- FrontPage, IIS, Compact Framework -- and others that stick with one product (my two are for the two releases of Visual Studio .NET). Even more entertaining is to see 'patent cubes' in people's offices -- presented if you've had your name on a patent MSFT has gotten. Back when I was in building 42, it was often a challenge to find people without those -- especially on the 'heavy industry' first floor. Then there's that office over in 50 I walk past that has 14 in the window. Probably something to do with the plasma screen on the wall, as 50 is the 'media' building.

TTFN - Kent
[Listening to: Happiness by Front 242]

(Now that I'm over at MSDN, the chance of me getting another is quite low.)