I know it's not New Years' Eve, but I want to use this public venue to make a resolution.

I, Kent Sharkey, promise to try to avoid commenting on the poor quality of other's code, except in a constructive manner. I likely simply don't understand the choices made, and development situation of those programs. I also promise to avoid disparaging certain products in comparison with other, similar programs.

These promises include, but are not limited to:

  • Lotus Notes
  • Microsoft Exchange vs. Post.Office
  • Microsoft Passport
  • Any instant messaging product vs. Jabber
  • Microsoft Outlook (OK, 2003 actually removed this from my list, except for synchronization with devices)
  • Internet Explorer vs. Firebird
  • Longhorn
  • The DOS command shell vs. 4NT
  • Newsgroups (wait, that's not a code-thing, so I still hate them)
  • Google vs. Microsoft Search

Thank you all for your patience,
TTFN - Kent
[Listening to: Pikachu by Apoptygma Berserk]