In my ongoing attempt to:
  1. Provide too much information
  2. Create blog spam
  3. Provide some transparency into Bill's Fish & Chips Shoppe
  4. Bore you all
I have decided to start blogging of the comings and goings for a week. Why start on a Friday? I don't know, I've been pushing this idea back & forth for a while, and figured if I don't start it, it will never get started, so today's the day.
  • 6:24 Alarm goes off
  • 7:00 Five snoozes later, leap out of bed
    ead e-mail over breakfast, try not to ignore wife
  • 8:35  Ride into work (I cycle most days to get to work, or walk). Try not to get run over by assorted flavours of SUV. 
            This morning's highlights - a '63 Corvette convertible, a rebuilt 'Woodie', and that steel-grey RX-8 that Duncan doesn't own.
  • 9:00  First meeting of the day. A planning session for an upcoming Developer Center. 
            This one is dedicated to those who speak T-SQL, feel that ADO.NET isn't just an API, it's a way of life. 
            Should be out soon, e-mail me if there's something you feel that should be there
Don't worry -- I won't continue this hour-by-hour, but just the highlights (and lowlights)
TTFN - Kent