Woke up at 4am. Not on purpose, not even because of my body having revenge. I made the mistake of buying Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on Saturday, and my fingers still wanted more. Very fine game.

After the usual e-mail, scanning weblogs.asp.net (interesting search oopsie). Walked in due to rain. This place is sooooooo empty at 7:30am -- of course, that's partly because Sara is out for a month. Not as bad as Don's team -- hard to find anyone from that team there before 11am (but fairly easy around 8pm)

Monday is 'stats morning' for me. I surf on over to the internal data warehouse full of your clicks to see where and what you were looking at last week. (Shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you, as just about any website wanting to stay up tracks this info) A brief summary:

ASP.NET Developer Center:
Page Views: 64,150
Unique Users: 26,810
Most Viewed Page(s) for Site

Rank URI Page Views UU Count Dur(Mins)
1 MSDN.microsoft.com/asp.net/ 40,680 22,970 5.92
2 MSDN.microsoft.com/asp.net/using/gettingstarted/ 1,950 700 4.92
3 MSDN.microsoft.com/asp.net/support/support/servapp/ 1,460 1,090 5.53
4 MSDN.microsoft.com/asp.net/using/understanding/security/ 1,190 70 7.76
5 MSDN.microsoft.com/asp.net/using/understanding/data/ 1,000 120 6.92
6 MSDN.microsoft.com/asp.net/using/ 1,000 800 2.22
7 MSDN.microsoft.com/asp.net/using/understanding/arch/ 970 110 7.46
8 MSDN.microsoft.com/asp.net/using/building/web/ 930 590 4.97
9 MSDN.microsoft.com/asp.net/using/understanding/interop/ 830 50 2.61
10 MSDN.microsoft.com/asp.net/using/building/webcontrols/ 830 540 5.98

Visual Studio Developer Center:
Page Views: 478, 890
Unique Users: 168,660

Most Viewed Page(s) for Site

Rank URI Page Views UU Count Dur(Mins)
1 MSDN.microsoft.com/vstudio/ 122,830 82,330 2.71
2 MSDN.microsoft.com/vstudio/downloads/ 26,140 19,790 1.95
3 MSDN.microsoft.com/vstudio/downloads/updates/sp/vs6/sp5/ 16,900 11,670 1.29
4 MSDN.microsoft.com/vstudio/downloads/tools/jlca/ 16,290 12,190 1.91
5 MSDN.microsoft.com/vstudio/downloads/updates/sp/vs6/sp5/dnldover... 14,340 10,530 1.93
6 MSDN.microsoft.com/vstudio/downloads/updates/sp.aspx 13,760 10,220 1.90
7 MSDN.microsoft.com/vstudio/downloads/updates/security/ 11,630 5,990 2.95
8 MSDN.microsoft.com/vstudio/register/vs6.aspx 11,510 6,290 3.55
9 MSDN.microsoft.com/vstudio/previous/vs6/downloads/ 11,060 8,550 1.63
10 MSDN.microsoft.com/vstudio/downloads/updates/ 10,820 7,640 1.68

So, what does this tell us (besides that a boatload of you look at the VS site every week)? It tells me (or at least implies) a few things:
  • People come to the ASP.NET Developer Center for content (none of the top 10 pages are downloads pages, and the time spent on each page (>5 min) implies you're either reading on the site, or reading enough, then printing
  • Almost 12,000 people are still downloading a Service Pack released on Feb 26, 2001!!! Some are coming to the downloads page more than once!
Does this mean that VS users are more likely to download, or that there's not enough content of interest on the VS site? If you've read this far, I'd love to hear your answers. You know the drill, and the e-mail. Thank you. And if someone can explain the downloads of VS6SP5, please do. Finally, if someone is willing to spend the time doing something to whack out my stats, feel free. I'm trying to catch ASP.NET up to VS.
TTFN - Kent
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