Well, I got through one PO today. Three more to go, including a couple in 'yet another system that's supposed to make our lives easier'®

While I should have been working on an internal project, or finishing the above three POs, I decided to get a little distracted with another project 'requested' by himself. So, I found myself on both sides of RSS today:

  • Creating an User Control to display RSS (coming to a DevCenter near you soonish)
  • Creating new RSS feeds. Which leads me to a question. Imagine if you will there were RSS feeds at each level in the Developer Centers. Not archived, not permalinks, just temporal, "Last 15 articles at this level or below". Something like this, or that. Would that be useful to you? Something, that if updated regularly, you might use on your sites, or personal knowledge quests? Note: I'm speaking entirely hypothetically here. Those files don't really exist. They could go away at any moment (as in when I get caught). Just let me know if they're something you like.
TTFN - Kent
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