Looking back at my other postings, my life seems even more boring. It's much more fretful going through it the first time.

Today's lowlights:

  • Finished up my three POs (Weee!)
  • Remembered I had another one to do (boooo!)
  • Status meeting on that thing. "I haven't done a thing with it since last week." Didn't seem to go over very well.
  • Started to work on that thing. Did a get latest, changed 2-5 lines of code, and got pulled into another project.
  • Cleaned up graphics for an upcoming article -- DataGridGirl does MSDN!
  • Built the setup package for the article (yes, you can blame me for these -- at least for the ASP.NET Dev Center). This process might even be interesting to come people. Or maybe even the publishing system we have. Thoughts?
  • Struggled with another setup package. The code part was fine, but an associated set of files were giving me grief. Struggle for a while, debugging. D smacks me upside the head. I e-mail the author, asking for an update.
What do you call a group of Content Strategists? This was the topic of conversation a few weeks back -- we decided on 'Conspiracy of Content Strategists'. I think group names are amusing -- well, some anyway. (a group of peacocks is an 'ostentation of peacocks', while it's a 'rhumba of rattlesnakes'). So, what do you call a group of developers? Is there only one name, or is it different based on their language of choice? Is it a List<C++> programmers, and a Collection of VB programmers? A tuple of Python programmers? A hash of C# programmers? Discuss.
Roy: I managed to get to the first step today -- I added you to Messenger. Strangely, Time Zone differences got in the way of the chat. Tomorrow, I promise (especially as you'll now know when I'm online)
One moderately good (and at the same time bad) bit of news today. Our all-day offsite on Thursday was cancelled. We were going to meet in the building next to the Seattle World Trade Center (on Sept 11). Not a great way to instill confidence. All it would take is one terrorist with bad map skills and MSDN could be short a few people. OK, that was in bad taste, and I'll accept any complaints people want to send (I'm too lazy to delete it). The bad part of this is that it was cancelled due to the health problems of one good Mr. Morrissey. Get better, fast, Shawn, we need you here.
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