Brian writes of the interview process. While mine wasn't funny, I will overshare it with you all as I've grown melancholy (the treadmill of death will do that to you).

My sad story began last century, in the glory days of 1999. This SOAP thing was just taking off, and I was in love. The solution was close at last. I was very active in assorted newsgroups, and one day noticed a posting -- “Want to work for Microsoft?“ My fingers clicked and sent a resume before my brain registered. One phone interview followed. Plane tickets arrived.

Day before I decided to go for a walk in the morning. Calm myself down. I realize I've made it even to get the interview, so whatever happens, happens. I get lost. New shoes. (Did I say I was walking?) It's getting dark. New shoes. Walking. I suppose I could have asked for directions, but I was in the States -- someone could shoot at me. Finally found my way back to the hotel around 8-9pm. Calm, but with the need for new, non-bloody socks.

First interview -- a former developer of the WebDAV stack in IIS. The 'puzzle' interview. First, “Want a coffee? We have a latte stand on the floor today -- free lattes“ Slurping foam, we discuss arranging numbers in blocks, why hotel water is always hot, the nine ball puzzle and other questions of life.

Second interview -- The man who would shape my life in awe. “Want a coffee?“ He hurt. Puzzles I barely got years later, technical coding questions man was not meant to answer, and more. This was the 'break him' interview. These are designed to find the edges, no matter how much it hurts.

A few more interviews, a few more lattes.

The 'lunch' interview. With one of the coders on the team, the man I would learn to love (no, not that way) as the most dear person at Microsoft -- Hans. The most conscientious demo writer (and coder, and person) I've bumped into here (sorry  Shay, Frank and Duncan, but you're close). I miss working with him. As you could probably guess, it was an easy interview -- no latte, only Gorgonzola and Garlic Penne (OK, that wasn't a good idea for lunch on an interview day)

Three more interviews. Three more lattes. By the 'AA' interview (“As Appropriate“), I was quivering with caffeine. A job offer. “What?“ A job offer. “Yeah“

Flight home was surreal. Now I'm here. SOAP, .NET, .NET Compact Framework, ASP.NET. Party on. Wonder what's next?

TTFN - Kent
[Listening to: Fire Number 9 by Meat Beat Manifesto]