Didn't contribute to the experiment yesterday -- I was following in a great MSFT tradition -- "e-mail only"

As all of you know, but not all of them do, it's impossible to code in 15 minute spurts. Sometimes, this is ... difficult ... for those that live in Outlook, PowerPoint and/or Project to understand. That, and particularly senseless deadlines mean that at times you must cram. @ Bill & Steve's Magick Emporium, this often leads to the addition of a yellow stickie on one's door marked "E-Mail only please". Translation: "I've got a boatload of bugs, and I don't want to sit in another status meeting to explain why" or "I haven't had a chance to code all week, and that has to change."

I've even seen the more extreme case of the Out-of Office message (OOF) saying, "I'm here, but I'm not going to respond." (I first saw this from ScottGu just before launch)

So, did I code? Well, sort of. I spent the day struggling with our internal chroming framework (MNP), Visual Studio and my code, trying to get them all to play nice. Today, it's more of the same -- now this time I'll be bolting my code on top of the stuff D wrote last night or this morning (he puts in two shifts, the second ending at 3-4).

Meanwhile, two more masterpieces "age to maturity" in my Inbox. One more from Scott Mitchell (I'm just waiting for him to send me the final version for the fourth time), and the second in Mike Amundsen's "Jumping into ASP.NET" series. Apologies for the delay, I'll try to get them together today, and off to the editors for your dining pleasure.

Door's open today (but office lights are out, and headphones are on, and tunage cranked)

TTFN - Kent
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