I'll look back on this morning and laugh. For details, get me drunk some time and say, "What does a Ladybug look like?" (this one is appropriately named right now)

Happier news -- I got my RAM for my server. The only problem in the install was that that machine has no monitor. So, I installed my 1GB (still sounds wrong to refer to computer memory in GB) and blithely fired up the machine. Used Remote Desktop to connect, and nothing. Cross my fingers. I remembered that changing the memory usually pops up a BIOS message. "F1", "F10", "Enter". Hard drive light starts going. RD works, and I see a happy, happy 1016MB RAM (I don't ask where the other 8MB went, it's a Compaq machine). Good thing I spend all my time around computers in the dark, so I can still operate them without a monitor. On that note, one of the first things I noticed about being here, especially back in Building 42 (where all the magic happens) was the number of machines in people's offices. I have 2 (laptop and server), but used to have about 5 (mostly recovered ancient beasts) last job. I've seen some developer offices with about seven, each hooked up to an LCD monitor (the room was labeled 'Monitor Storage' informally by one wag. Still, if you need the tools, why struggle?

Let's see, this morning was working on an ASCX, some tech support over messenger, e-mail, and other duties as assigned.

For those who are using my recent blog entries to hound other Content Strategists, I should explain my 'short hand'. My "getting someone paid" means I've completed the paperwork that will eventually lead to them getting paid. They may not see a cheque for many a month after that.

Now back to the ASCX...

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