For the two of you who noticed (other than people I work with), I am back.

I thought about having some kind of 'Prodigal Content Strategist' posting or summut, but that's overly melodramatic.

Where was I? I took a short trip through madness. Am I back? I'm not certain.

Either way, I feel well enough to start being public again. So, technical blog up, personal to follow (at some point Denatonium benzoate will rise again). Instant Messenger will likely be turned on again. Signatures return to my e-mails.

What did I learn over the last time? A few things I'd like to share that are slightly appropriate for this audience:

  1. Development is not a part-time operation -- you must have bulk time blocks to do anything of value
  2. The sole purpose of management is to ensure #1, or the project will fail
  3. I am not a real dev, I only played one once
  4. Sanity is only brain deep

That's it - I'm hardly a Doug Purdy when it comes to wisdom.

For those people I owe e-mails, purchase orders and/or published articles, I beg of you to wait a little bit longer. Code complete is in 6, sorry, 5 days. Then I can get back to my real job.

TTFN - Kent

P.S. For the even fewer who care, I will be at PDC this year. I will need to know what you want MSDN to become (or it will break my heart). Don't ask for a better search, tell me of other things you need.