OK, Duncan has overly promoted a chunk of junk piece of code I wrote. So, I feel obliged to share, and embarrass myself again.

Before I start, the requirements:

  1. The code was intended to run on the upcoming Longhorn Developer Center
  2. The idea was to have code that could run without dependencies (that is, my initial DLL based control wouldn't work)
  3. I wrote it fast -- I expect true XML folk will have a problem or 15 with it. Send them on.
Keeping all that in mind -- the "code" is available here, along with a quickie test page.
Vast documentation:
RssView Control
    Used to display an external RSS feed on a web page
  • RssUrl = path to the original RSS feed
  • Count = number of RSS items to display
  • ProxyName = If the ASP.NET page must access the RSS through a proxy, set the name here
  • ProxyPort = Port to be used if the RSS feed must be accessed through a proxy server
  • Category = Used to reduce the RSS to only certain items (based on the category in the RSS feed)
CSS Styles:
  • itemTitle = for the title for the RSS item
  • itemBody = for the text of the RSS item (the RSS description field)
  • itemDate = for the date of the posting (set to display:none to hide)
  • itemComments = for the comments link (set to display:none to hide)
  • separator = for the hr element separating each item (set to display:none to hide)
TTFN - Kent