I've been thinking a lot about bandwidth these days. First, last Wednesday, my cable modem started to act up. It would work for a while, then begin endless cycles of restarting itself. First an hour of work, then 1/2 an hour, then on Saturday, it was dead -- it wouldn't even detect the cable signal. Where is/was Comcast through all of this? “We'll have someone out to test your cable signal on the 13th”. 10 days of lousy or no network. I tried dialup once, but after every layer of MSFT security was layered, it felt like I was getting faster connections via Bluetooth and my phone.

The OEHW and I went up to Vancouver for the weekend, and I felt, “Great, perhaps I'll get a good connection from the hotel room” (On a side note, if you're ever in Van, and want a neat place to stay -- try the Rosellen Suites. It's a apartment block turned into a “hotel”. Loads of character, your own kitchen, lethal elevators (you have to experience then to believe), and about 100m from an entrance to Stanley Park. If it was good enough for Katherine Hepburn, it's good enough for you). Well, I forgot my smart card reader, so that was out. Oh, well, cleaned up a friend's computer (16 files infected with assorted Nimbda MSBlast and other viruses), so it wasn't a complete waste of a trip.

Fortunately, I am a bandwidth/gadget geek. Out comes Hermes (my cellphone) and Tanto (my Clie), and I was still working obsessively on my e-mail, all at the incredibly low speed of T-Mobile's GPRS connection (unlike Lorenzo, I love GPRS -- but only because T-Mobile has an 'all you can eat for $20US/month' plan).

Where is all this leading? I dunno, there must have been some message brewing in my head when I started this... Perhaps -- “Be Prepared”. No, that wasn't it. “Any connection is better than none” Maybe. “Kent obsesses about his e-mail tooooooo much”? Yeah, that must have been it.

TTFN - Kent

PS: For those reading this far, at least my cable modem was back working when I got home, so I could share this with all of you... ;)