Scott Mitchell writes about his spam blocker. I'm intrigued (and will likely try it out -- Scott's a bright guy). Like Scott, I've never been afraid of posting my e-mail address on the web. In fact, Random & I have had internal fights about it (on the same side of the argument - we both want people to know our addresses, so that comments about the developer centers can go to the source).

My inbox stays fairly clean (of spam, anyway -- I still haven't optimized my rules for all the newletters I get) through Outlook 2003's new filters (plus whatever the internal network folk are doing with Exchange), supplemented by SpamBayes. This is a neat plug-in to Outlook (or filter for POP3/IMAP e-mail server) that uses Bayesian logic to 'learn' what's bad and what's good. You can train it by pointing at folders of good & bad, or just leave the toolbar up and mark as you go. So far, it seems to be working (and the price is right -- damn that Open Source Software).

Well, off I go. My cable modem is working today, so I have some catching up to do...

TTFN - Kent
PS: Bloody vikings!