Installed a new video card today courtesy of good Mr. Weller (I have to call him that now) and his current project.

So, of course, the second thing you do with a new video card (after getting the *&*#$#*&*#%% drivers installed and working properly) is to find stuff you couldn't do before. Enter SpeedTree. CAD for landscapes, but wicked fast. If you have the hardware, download “The Valley” from their site. Just catheterize me now, and I can sit and wander the Valley for the rest of my time. It's used in Dark Age of Camelot and an upcoming Warhammer MMORPG (wish I had the time). Someone want to write a .NET RPG for me? (actually, that really reads silly -- why do we care what something is written in -- other than the time it takes us to write something?) Maybe that's the message of the trees. Love all the code, but love fast, safe code the most (and maple trees -- they're cool)

TTFN - Kent
PS: Not on anything stronger than a handful of bootleg Canadian “Zesty Cheese” Tortilla Chips.