It seems like it's been a while, but there are three new articles on the ASP.NET Developer Center. Headlines to follow, but today we have:

  • Dino Esposito continues his domination of all things .NET. In this article, he looks at adding client-side script to ASP.NET Server Controls.
  • An amazing article from Scott Mitchell (OK, that's redundant) about the creation of his skmMenu control. (Another one to follow in a while -- with many more details). If you've ever wanted to add a menu to your ASP.NET app, you *have* to look at this control.
  • Another fine piece on that silly little Datagrid control by ... Datagrid Girl! In this one, Marcie looks at common Datagrid mistakes (and how to avoid them).

As always, more to come. Let me know what you're looking for here.

TTFN - Kent