Not really any new content today (sorry, I'll do something about that right away), however, today was a fairly big clean-up of the ASP.NET Developer Center. I've gone through and added links to all the ASP.NET content I could find on the (hopefully) appropriate pages on the Dev Center. Sooo...... Want to know about creating controls for ASP.NET? Check out the content on, especially at: Caching? Etc. Etc. I'll try to be better in the future about keeping these 'other pages' up to date, and ready for your enjoyment. Suggestions for improving the organization always welcome.

One other task I had for myself today was finishing my headline archive page. Unfortunately, my memory can't recall what I had for breakfast, let alone what my headlines were in June. Fortunately, the headlining tool we use keeps everything in SourceSafe. One report later, and I see the 115 versions of the headlines.xml file. Walk through that, and now you should be able to land in one spot to find every headline we've had on the ASP.NET Developer Center, organized by the month it was first headlined (more or less). Again, I'll try to be better about keeping this one clean and usable.

TTFN - Kent