No one has the domain, but I'm too lazy and cheap to go out and reserve it.

I'm off this week at the Macromedia MAX conference in fine downtown Salt Lake City. I decided to emulate my heros (one, two/three and four) and attempt to blog some of what's going on here.

Day 0 - pre-con sessions for some, registration, a brief walk through the expo hall and a few cheese cubes for me.

The Macromedia MAX conference is targeted at users of Macromedia's many fine products, but primarily Flash, ColdFusion, DreamWeaver, Royale (Flex) and FreeHand. Oh, and that 'C' product I can never remember the name of - Central. According to their rather neat Intro app, there are >2000 attendees. Expo hall had about 50 companies, ranging from Sun, IBM, Apple and Intel to small dev shops.

Bag swag: one of the most important questions for any convention (for me, anyway) is, “Should I move everything over to this bag?” Well, not going to happen, it's actually a small courier bag. Inside, a Trial copy of Contribute, numerous offers from Expo hall people, and a binder for the printouts for each presentation. One nice thing MACR did is to not give you all the slides, but to allow you to download them from a private site (in the very cool Flash Paper format), and print off just the ones you want. Kudos to the organizers.

Tomorrow -- Keynotes, Flash & DreamWeaver...

TTFN - Kent