What can I say? I'm getting jaded with keynotes. They're typically a parade of old, recent and upcoming info, with the occasional partner trouted up to demonstrate the points.

Main takeaways, however (write me if you want the full play-by-play notes):

  • Major themes: "Merger of content & applications", “Embrace Internet Standards“, “Stretch your current abilities“
  • At least two people (Norm Meyrowitz [President of Products] and Lucian Beebe [Senior Product Manager, Flash]) apologized for the poor quality of Flash MX 2004's initial release. There is a download available to fix, however.
  • They hammered home the point of how many CF sites are out there (and growing) - apparently up 10 Million since last year (#1 in .gov sites), not sure what they're counting there
  • They demoed Flex -- quite cool, one presenter used IntelliJ as an editor, the other DreamWeaver Next. XML-based description language, looked very familiar these days. Flex will be able to use .NET back ends later, but is targeting J2 and CF for initial release.
  • One of their Trout was quite interesting -- IBM (VP and Fellow, Rod Smith). Talked up the RIA experience, and the ability to use heterogenous back ends (OK, they just demoed WebSphere, but they talked the good point)
  • The whole RoboHelp (now eHelp) purchase escaped me, but they demoed it here -- exported to Flash, natch. Very easy to create a demo (Camtasia was in the Expo hall, wonder if they're packing up now)
  • Another Trout was brought out during the Central (the 'C' product I may be able to remember now) demo - AOL! AOL is actually going to permit Macromedia to be the first recipients of an AIM/ICQ SDK! You'll be able to embed IM functionality into your Central apps.

TTFN - Kent