This was a hands-on session. Sort of. Two people per table/computer, and a lecturer. Some presentation, then work through the lab exercises either with the instructor, or on your own, then play while he's talking (my technique).

Flash has new 'connectors' that allow for retrieval of XML or calling Web Services. Very familiar look & feel -- point at the WSDL, the IDE builds the list of methods, pick a method and trigger. One message they were sending was use data binding a lot -- both as input and output. The sample app retrieved a block of XML, bound it to a ComboBox, then updated a TextArea when you changed the selected item. Entire thing code-free, click & drag programming. The selected index was bound as input to the databinding on the Text area. Struck me as a little confusing as we went through, and this area lead to the most questions. Looked a little like:

XmlConnector: data binding to xml file on server
  - bind ComboBox to array of 'trip' items in the XML file
  - bind TextArea to the description on one trip
  - bind index on TextArea binding to the SelectedIndex of ComboBox.

Now: Lunch & registering to win a Tablet at the Intel booth (cheap a** Apple booth isn't going to give me a G5)

Later: DreamWeaver stuff this afternoon.