Only two sessions today (I actually went to two others, but if you can't say anything nice about something...)

Enterprise RIA Infrastructure

  • the “second” Flex talk, this one was intended to drill into server-side access, SOA, etc.
  • me really starting to like what I've seen of Flex. For a great intro to it (unrelated to this talk) take a look at:
  • Flex apps communicate to server components via SOAP (may be others, but that's what he showed0
  • possible methods:
  • HTTPService (equiv to calling GET or POST to a WS)
        <mx:HTTPService id=““ url=“wsdl“>
            <parmname>{parm reference}</parmname>
    call: id.method()
  • Remote Object (access to a Java class - hopefully a .NET class once the .NET support is completed)
        <mx:RemoteObject id=““ type=“stateful or stateless“ src=“className“>
          <!-- rest is the same -->
    communication is via SOAP. Flex server calls Java class via Reflection
  • Web Service
        <mx:WebService id=““ wsdl=““> <!-- then as before-->
  • the equivalent of UserControls seems to be mx:View
  • code - runs in Flash sandbox
    • no local read/write, except for SharedObject
    • no cross domain access
    • can send policy file to enable, user can also enable
  • server-side security
    • server-side proxy enables cross domain calls to Web services by proxying the call
    • can have a white-list of possible URLs clients can call
    • can name a service, so all details (URL, pwd, other parms) are stored on server. Client simply calls “myService“
    • leverages app server security

Rapid Development of Flash Presentations and Applications

  • Flash MX 2004 makes the timeline optional, you can create presentations and form-based applications (timeline is still there, just hidden)
  • does similar to master pages in that branch nodes (your app is built as a tree) apply their graphics/properties to leaf nodes
  • does transitions, etc.
  • can output to number of formats (swf, html, mov, etc.)
  • slides & forms inherit from screen
  • can create screens from code only

TTFN - Kent
PS: Tonight is the Olympic Skating Rink. As the only Canadian who neither skates nor curls, I think I'm just going for the beer (at least I'm that Canadian)