I think the conference ended before I thought it would -- box lunches on the last day.

Overall, I think it was a great conference. The first time in a long time where I went to a conference and didn't have to work. Even more so, nothing blew up back at the office, so I didn't spend most of the conference trying to VPN back into the office at home.

Loose thoughts:

Macromedia definitely 'gets' Web Services. Just about every talk I went to either created or used a Web Service. From using a Java class by renaming the .java file to .jws on JRun, through getting the WSDL for a Cold Fusion Component (using the familiar myComponent.cfc?WSDL) to Flex's strong ability to access Web Services, SOAP was everywhere. It will be great to see once Macromedia starts working with the WS-whatnot extensions and/or Indigo going forward.

Wireless seems to be the bane of conferences. Having it is great, but getting it available everywhere, all the time, seems difficult. Access in the rooms was spotty, and made more difficult by people creating a Peer-to-peer/Ad hoc profile with the same SSID as the real network.

Well, that was the conference as I saw it. I hope that this series has been useful. While it hasn't been .NET specific, I think that all of the products I've discussed can easily work with, and expand, your .NET applications.

TTFN - Kent