From the sounds of things, the St. Louis roadshow went pretty well, even with a slight riot:

I imagined everyone would wait in line and grab their copy - BUT IT WAS NOTHING LIKE THAT! Devin Rader and myself got shoved up against the wall and couldn't move anymore as people started grabbing BOXES of books from us, ripping apart the boxes. There was hundreds of people all pushed up against each other as people were in a mad rush to get books. Boxes were falling on people's heads, one lady was getting all stepped on and started screaming. Devin was yelling at people - “STAND BACK STAND BACK!!!”. It was crazy - MAN, PEOPLE LOVE ASP.NET!

(from Bill Evjen's blog)

Excellent work for everyone involved in setting up and running this episode of the roadshow.

ASP.NET Exposed If you don't already know about the ASP.NET Roadshow, you owe itself to find out more. Go, bring 10 friends, bring people using competitive products, bring people 'trapped' in ASP 3.0, bring people off the street. They are amazing events!

TTFN - Kent