I keep forgetting to tell everyone that there is some fabulous ASP.NET content appearing on the MSDN Belgium/Luxemburg site. The most recent is a great article on the upcoming Database cache dependancy in ASP.NET Whidbey.

For those who want a quick summary before reading the article, ASP.NET Whidbey allows you to store cache information in a database. You can then set up a dependancy that will invalidate the cache information when the database is changed. This can increase the overall performance of your site by leaps & bounds by saving many, many database lookups.

TTFN - Kent

UPDATE: Mea culpa maxima. I should have added that while it is a fine article, it cannot compare to the upcoming article G. Andrew Duthie has going though the 'system' at MSDN. He covers this, and much more about the upcoming improvements to caching in ASP.NET Whidbey.