This week has certainly been an “Alice” week (the hurrier I go...)

With that, two new headlines for you on the ASP.NET Developer Center:

  • There will be an upcoming change to Internet Explorer that will disable URLs that include user id & password ( Why? Because people have been leveraging it to send people elsewhere. See here for the article, and here for the KB article describing the change. While I personally won't miss this 'feature' (it's not in the HTTP spec from what I can remember), others may, so be prepared.
  • Paul Wilson arrives on the ASP.NET Developer Center with an excellent article showing you how you can combine Forms and Windows authentication. Excellent read, and I hope we'll see more of Paul's writing soon.

Now for a question -- which would you prefer for the headlines on the ASP.NET Developer Center?

  • The headlines update once a week, so you know when to come to see if something is new.
  • Headlines update when there is new content available.

TTFN - Kent