We have two articles for your pleasure today on the ASP.NET Developer Center. Note that if you look at the home page, you won't see them now, but the links below will work. They'll appear on the homepage Friday afternoon.

  • What's a week like without at least one new article by Scott Mitchell? For me, it's empty, and I hope the same for you. This week, it's Building Templated Custom ASP.NET Server Controls. In this article, Scott looks at how you can create controls that allow you to apply templates to change their appearance. In a future (hopefully not too future, but that's my fault) article, he'll expand this to include databound templated controls (like the DataList). Now if we can just 'cure' Scott's verbosity... ;)
  • Not to be outdone, Bill Evjen also returns with a great article on Using JavaScript along with ASP.NET. Bill shows you how you can still use JavaScript for rollovers, alerts and other common client-side tasks.

TTFN - Kent