Just on a lark, I was Googling the assorted “Content Strategists” at MSDN. The usual links, but then...

It seems our little Frank has more to his name than just a wicked-deep knowledge of COM+...



Clint Eastwood - Jonathan Hemlock
George Kennedy - Ben Bowman
Vonetta McGee - Jemima Brown
Jack Cassidy - Miles Mellough
Heidi Bruhl - Mrs. Montaigne
Thayer David - Dragon
Reiner Schoene - Freytag
Michael Grimm - Meyer
Jean-Pierre Bernard - Montaigne
Brenda Venus - George
Gregory Walcott - Pope
Candice Rialson - Art Student
Elaine Shore - Miss Cerberus
Dan Howard - Dewayne
Jack Kosslyn - Reporter
Walter Kraus - Kruger
Frank Redmond - Wormwood
Siegfried Wallach - Hotel Manager
Susan Morgan - Buns
Jack Frey - Cab Driver


 In 1994, the combined office of Group President/MaiLink Editor was (deservedly) split into two distinct offices. Frank Redmond became the new president of Meeting 64/128 Users Through the Mail, with Jean Nance keeping the The Commodore MaiLink editor-in-chief position. In 1996, Frank stepped down and Tom Adams stepped up to became the new group president, with Frank assuming the vice-president's position. Longtime members Brian Vaughan and Rolf Miller maintained the membership records and the group treasury, respectively.


Hmph. You work with a guy for almost a year, and he doesn't even tell you he worked with Eastwood. Or loved his C64...

TTFN - Kent