ClayCo (Compton) starts blogging. Clay is a tester for ASP.NET.

I've always been a little amazed at the testers at Microsoft. In other companies, testers are junior devs, or even non-devs that just like to break programs. Here, they often perform major feats of magic, and at least one person used to have tester in his title. One of my favourite tester tales was an ad for a Microsoft Research talk a while back that was in all the cafeterias. It showed a shape on a piece of paper that was intended to be cut out and made into a three dimensional shape. The question was, “How do you test if this becomes a cube?”. I stared at that ad for a long, long, long time.

Another question that comes up a lot is, “How many testers are on each product?” Obviously it varies, but from the small sample I've seen, it's often equal to the number of actual devs.

Looking forward to having Clay give us some insight into the testing process...

TTFN - Kent