In all the hubub around the release of Paul's article yesterday, I forgot to notice, and mention that Andrew Duthie is back with another great article on Whidbey (Those who haven't gotten your hands on it yet, sorry. Soon...)

Caching Improvements in ASP.NET Whidbey covers, strangely enough, the improvements to caching coming up in the next release of ASP.NET. You'll hear about the improvements including database caching, and the strange (IMO), but interesting, “Post cache substitution”.

One other item you may notice if you actually read Andrew's article is we've started adding, “Related books” to each article. These are books we think are appropriate if you need to “go beyond” the article, tuned for topic and level. I'd love to know your thoughts on this, and if you're an author, we can't include you if we don't know about your book (even better, if we'd need to read it :-D)

TTFN - Kent