OK, I've tried to keep this blog as personal-less as possible, but I have to get this off my chest. Or shoulder.

This morning, at 4:00, one of our cats decided I had been using my pillow solo for too long. After a few minutes of trying to sleep on my chest, she moved to lay on a combination of my shoulder and pillow, resting her feet against my head (mental note: time to trim her claws). I let her stay, attempting to fall asleep again. After about 15 minutes, she must have been fast asleep (but I wasn't). How could I know? You know how dogs and cats react when, “dreaming”? Yes, her legs started to twitch, randomly kicking me in the head (I did remind myself to trim her claws, no?). Fortunately, she moved out of alpha after a while.

I never did fall asleep again, guess I should have been coding.

TTFN - Kent