Had my first Apple Store experience on Friday. Ms. Simon's iBook was having issues [1], so we took it in. Our genius, Rob, didn't even make a snide reference to the assorted logowear I had on. Not a flicker from the, “No, we don't have AppleCare on it”, a few jokes from Rob (genius), happy happy. Painless experience [2] overall, with a flat repair rate, “Yes, that includes the replacement parts, and for both repairs”. Overall, I'm quite happy with my first Apple Store experience, as opposed to others'. Recommended -- go get yourself a nice shiny machine.

TTFN - Kent

[1] In a “Think Different” way, I had never heard of a PC having this problem. The backlight (and therefore the screen) would only work when the lid was <30 degrees open. Making it very difficult to type and see what you're typing at the same time. Also, the CD wasn't working.

[2] “Here's your support number. You can check out the status anytime on the website. We'll probably call you every few days to let you know how it's going as well.”