For the two of you that care, I went off to the appropriately spelled, but incorrectly named nearby National Park. Read the first five books in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the first fiction I've read in well over a year). Did a lot of walking in rain, drizzle and showers, and one nice day schlepping through up to 2m of snow.

On to what the rest of you care about -- new content on the ASP.NET Developer Center!

Today, we have two special visitors - say, "Hello" to Callum Shillan and Peter Norell as they makes their first dramatic appearance on the ASP.NET Developer Center with a great article on Deferrred ASP.NET Session State Management. What does that mean? They describe a neat technique for those with large items in Session State. Basically, it defers the retrieval of the item until you actually need it, holding only a key.

TTFN - Kent
PS: Christine tells me that we may have an interesting visit from the Dev Center brownies as well EoD today. Fingers crossed.