The brownies (aka, Christine, my Site Manager) have taken a look at the feedback you all (the three of you) have sent in. The end result is the new ASP.NET Developer Center home page. Obviously still a work in progress, but open for business, and looking for more feedback.

A brief guide:

  • New 'Taskbar' with three common destinations
  • Only four headlines, so they change more frequently ;)
  • Links from a Featured Community. We're starting with CodeProject, but I'll be rotating through any community site that have their articles in RSS format
  • Links to recent forums
  • A copy of this category of my blog
  • Cleansing and folding of the right nav pieces, removing some of the deadwood, and pointing at stuff we think you may like
  • The Inbox -- our new Q&A feature. Send in your questions, and I'll see if we can get our fine authors to suggest solutions.

So, there you have it - ASP.NET Developer Center 2.0. As always, I'd love to hear from you.

TTFN - Kent