It's Saturday night -- what do losers like Kent do? Poke around, trying to learn PHP. I just came across something that is probably old news -- PEAR (the PHP Extension and Application Repository). It's an application, a database, and more. 5 minutes after saving a web page to my machine, I now had a database/app that I could run locally to automagically browse & download functionality to make PHP dev easier for working with SVG, RSS, databases, XML, etc. etc. or to propose new functionality. This would be a great project for folk to work on - perhaps as part of GotDotNet, or just a great community site.

PEAR Admin

Thoughts? Flames? Comments? Does Kent need to lay off the palinka? Does Kent need to find something better to do on Saturday nights?

UPDATE: OK, Andy's right -- I need to switch to Menthol Crack. The Control Gallery is quite like what I want. I'll sit down and be quiet now.

You know how to let me know...
TTFN - Kent