I have this expression that I've used since back in my training/consulting days that people around me are probably bored of hearing.

Everyone wants a big red button

Basically, everyone wants something that does their job for them at a push of a button. For most people, that big red button is us — the developers of their apps. “I need this report” “This takes me too long to do, can you spend a few weeks creating something so I can do it faster?” “Why doesn't your app do what *I* think is an important feature?“

However, this begs the question — who creates the big red buttons for those who create big red buttons? (apologies to whoever first scribbled that one[1]). While I can't make big red buttons for everyone, I'm always on the look for ways to make developing a wee bit easier. Fortunately, the same can be said for most here at the fine company I work for. It's often a topic at lunch, as it was today. We were discussing ways to help those who aren't going to TechEd. So, in that light:

If you could ask Anders Hjelsberg/Paul Vick/Scott Guthrie/Michael Howard/{insert name here} a question or five — what would you ask them?

We are sending a pack o' camera folk down to TechEd this year, with the idea that we'll be video-taping sessions/ask the experts/other events. Then, we'll work to get those interviews on MSDN for your viewing pleasure. Perhaps we'll even buttonhole the expert in your technology and ask them your question and get it on video. So, let us know who you'd like us to track down, and the question you'd like answered, and we'll do our best to get you a nice big red button...

TTFN - Kent

[1] Quis custodiet ipsos custodes - anonymous Latin speaking person as far as I can tell (can't find an attribution on Bartleby or Wikipedia). Or does someone know who first wrote this?