I've just realized that the ASP.NET Developer Center has actually been open for business for a year now. (I had thought the anniversary was 6/26, but it's actually 6/12). So much for doing something special for the anniversary. Sorry about that. I had my Perl/CGI migration extravaganza all ready to go. Perhaps next year.

Instead, I'll just ask you what still needs to be done. Articles you feel are missing, topics we cover too much, features we need to add or kill. Think about it, ask your friends (who don't read blogs), talk amongst yourselves, let me know. Also, drop me a line if you're doing something cool with ASP.NET, the product team and I are always looking for great uses of their technology.

TTFN - Kent

PS: To quote David Bowman and HAL 9000 from 2010:

HAL 9000: What is going to happen, Dave?
David Bowman: Something wonderful.
HAL 9000: I'm afraid.
David Bowman: Don't be. We'll be together.
HAL 9000: Where will we be?
David Bowman: Where I am now.