After spending six of the last 13 days as a passenger in a hot car traversing the country (and the neighbouring country to the North), I'm home. I spent a lot of those 2400 km thinking about highways, strangely enough. Do the people that build and maintain the highways, rest areas and ancillary structures feel like they help people? I hope so, they helped us “go home” to visit family & friends.

I have also decided that there is (for me) a new analogy for MSDN. Others have compared it to a magazine, or a reference library, or perhaps just a mouthpiece. I want to add “highway” to that mix. MSDN is intended to get you to a destination (knowledge, working code, whatever). The journey may not be pleasant, may not be direct, nor is anyone's destination the same as any others'. We attempt to get everyone to some place that they want, or need to go. Are we helping you? I have no clue, really (and it's Review time, to boot), but I'd like to think that my little rest areas are clean and well supplied with soap, towels, and the all important paper materials. Feel free to let me know if you need any additional maps, articles or anything else.

TTFN - Kent