One thing I dreaded while I was on vacation (and "being good" — not reading my office e-mail. Much.) was the size of my mailbox upon returning to the office. So, how big did it get?
Folder Messages Comments
Inbox 547 Only items specifically to, or cc'd to me stay in this folder. Everything else is ruled out elsewhere. This included 8 "Your mailbox is over its size limit (>180MB)"
Review 1234 Dumping ground folder. If another rule doesn't catch it, it ends up here. Keep in mind I don't subscribe to many internal distribution lists. If I was on some of them, that number could easily be 10x that.

Now, to clean up. First, Auto-archive, then Contact Us e-mails, red-bang e-mails, and anything marked for Follow up. Then, the archeological process begins. Apologies if one or more of those e-mails is from you, and I'm a little slow responding.

TTFN - Kent