In my ongoing attempt to fix my “work/life” balance [1], I decided to start playing City of Heroes [2]. Like many MMORPGs (non-RPG geeks: stay tuned, there will be a code reference later) there are 'hunting grounds' in CoH. Hunting grounds are places rich in relatively easy to acquire experience, perfect for power leveling.

OK, Kent, get to a point.

For developers, the equivalent to hunting grounds are places that can provide rich areas to find help. They may be obvious, or not. So, how do you find these hunting grounds? I decided to leverage the Google API to find a clue. I wrote a quick app (will be shared later once I clean up the code) to find the first 10 links for a search. Then it calls each of those with the same critera, adding a “site:“ restriction to it, retrieving the estimated hit count for that site. The result is 1-10 sites (Google may return multiple pages from the same site in the first request), with the hit count for the search on that site. Theoretically, the sites with the most hits should be good hunting.

Results for “DataGrid ASP.NET“: 3690 597 583 460 444 194 177 14

DetailsView ASP.NET: 114 25 5 5 3 3 1 1

Many of the top hits are common sites you should expect to see. However, there are a few tasty seemingly random items in the mix. For example, the big hit for DetailsView is a site I (deplorably) hadn't known about -- it's actually David Sussman's (of Dave & Al fame) website. Chock full of tasty ASP.NET 2.0 goodness.

Back to hunting until I hit my 1000 query limit for the day.

TTFN - Kent

[1] Read that as, “Add something, anything to the life side of the balance.”
[2] Read that as, “Waving a k in front of Robert Downey Jr.”. I tend to have a history of an addictive personality where things like this are concerned.