One of Nokia's new phones doesn't have a keypad. Instead:

"The sleek and sexy Nokia 7280 offers a completely new mobile phone design, foregoing the traditional keypad for a discreet keyless dial. A fine lacquer-inspired high-gloss finish, complemented by leather and mirror accents, add sophistication and style making this device as much a work of art as an advanced piece of technology.
Perfect to whip out at cocktails, the Nokia 7280 is geared to attract attention and become the talking point at any high glamour soiree. Its VGA camera can snap the latest and greatest while the active slide means calls can be answered or ended with a flick of a wrist."
I am *obviously* not their target market

Nokia 7280 phone

Assorted urk from the site:

  • Unique red glow display screen exudes mystery and excitement
  • Refresh your soul by downloading tones, skins, themes, screensavers, and wallpapers
  • Cunningly hidden integrated VGA camera for a touch of mystery
  • Subtle and sleek rotator to access features in a unique way
  • Stand out like a flame in the darkness with the unique rotator (no number keys, only select, send, end, and 2 soft keys)