No, of course this isn't a discussion of the wildlife in Whidbey. Instead, this is about O'Reilly's incredibly excellent Safari Bookshelf. If you're not familiar with Safari, it's a site you can get access to the full text of books from over 2000 books from publishers such as O'Reilly, New Riders, SAMS, Microsoft Press, Addison Wesley, and many others. At the rate most developers chew through books, well worth the subscription.

Now it gets even easier. Through the Visual Studio Help Integration program, subscribers can now integrate Safari into Visual Studio 2005's help. You can search across the books in Safari as you search help.

The fine print:
"You will need to register for Safari Bookshelf prior to downloading the VSHI search tool. Registration allows you 30 days free access to Safari's online technical reference library and will help deliver enhanced search results from within Visual Studio 2005 Beta Help. "