Wednesday started out fairly normal -- look through all my "ContactUS", "VS2005 You wanted to know" and other support-related emails.

One was from one of my Product Managers, though. In one sense, that means higher priority (he knows how to find my office), and another it means lower priority (customer stuff comes first). However, as it was just a forward from a customer, it jumped to the top of my todo list. It seemed that I had a page on the Dev Center with this added text:


That was obviously not meant to be there. No problem, I say, it must have been added when I built that page by accident. I look in out page building tool. Nope, it's not there. Weird. Rebuild the page, the text is still there. Look at the files on disc (we build out an aspx and xml file for each page, but I neither told you that, nor understand fully why -- "It was like that when I got here."), none of them have the text in it, in fact a quick "ffind" ffinds nothing. Repeat for far too long. Finally, open the source for one of the controls on the page. Search.

if(Items[i].Attributes.GetNamedItem("itemid").Value == "41ABB38E-3DBB-4C98-BCF7-9B22E3985D8F"){
   Response.Write("<br>THIS IS THE ITEM<BR><BR>");

Which (as I'm sure you've already figured out) is the exact GUID used by my page. Somehow, the GUID selected at random by the dev two or more years ago was the same GUID selected at random by our page building tool when I built that page. So much for 16^^32 possible GUID values (thus MUID -- Mostly Unique IDentifier), guess I should buy a lottery ticket.