You may recall a while back when some changes got announced around possible changes to the special directories for ASP.NET 2.0. Many, many people wrote in to comment on those changes. So, I'm now pleased to point to Brian Goldfarb's posting, and a page outlining the changes (highlights mine):

Today the Web Platform and Tools Team is proud to announce two product design changes made directly in response and in conjunction with community feedback.  The changes, detailed below are focused around two key areas.  First, in September, we announced changes to the special private ASP.NET 2.0 directory naming.  Based on feedback, we are revising these names.  Second, we are making changes to the compilation model in order to enable ASP.NET 1.x like behavior where the .aspx file will now by default remain separate from the code-behind binary when pre-compiled (and can optionally be fully compiled into the binary).  We think these changes will address significant areas of customer concern, further simplify upgrading applications between ASP.NET 1.x and 2.0, and we are excited that they will begin shipping in the next Community Technology Preview, scheduled for November.  Below, please find detailed information about each of these product changes.


Any questions should be addressed to the ASP.NET forums