Even with all of the many powerful resources at my demand to install, I still tend to install SQL Server Developer Edition. I guess it's just that I'm so used to just having that around for testing (and not wasting valuable CALs for testing purposes) that I just don't feel like installing Enterprise on my dev box. (I do install it for dev that needs big box features, of course -- what am I an idiot? Oh, right, I am)

Installing Dev Edition does mean that I'm usually left with osql for my database work. I know, a lot of you will say, "Hey, Moron (people are usually polite enough to use a capital 'M' on that). Download SQL Web Data Administrator. It r0xx0rs!" Of course I downloaded it, but I had a problem with the download -- I would try to login, and the hourglass would spin, and spin and nothing would happen. No SQL joy in my heart, so I'd go back to osql while waiting for something exciting to happen. Same with IIS and Cassini. Finally, I did a bit of searching, and we come to the reason for this post. If rather than run the binaries they gave you, you run the solution, it works! Apparently some code was changed to fix the login, but this wasn't reflected in the shipped binary. Build it yourself, or get a friend with VS .NET 2003 to build it, and you will have a lovely, web-based administrative package and enough joy, you'll forget you ever wrote sp_dropdevice main.