Windows Azure - Troubleshooting & Debugging

Sharing Windows Azure information from the perspective of a developer support engineer on the cloud integration team

About Troubleshooting & Debugging


About Troubleshooting & Debugging

About me:
My name is Kevin Williamson and I have been with Microsoft's developer support team for just over 9 years.  I graduated from Angelo State University in San Angelo, TX in 2000 and moved to Dallas to start my career at Microsoft.  Since being at Microsoft I have been able to work with several different technologies including Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET, C#, Surface, a brief stint as an evangelist, and most recently Windows Azure.  Most of my time has been spent deep in troubleshooting and debugging, primarly using tools such as WinDBG, adplus, and DebugDiag.  During my assembly language courses in school I thought "I will never use this stuff again", but now I spend many hours looking through assembly code and memory dumps within WinDBG.

About this blog:
Over the years I have debugged a lot of problems and have come up with a lot of good reusable techniques for solving problems.  I will use this blog in part to try and share some of the solutions to problems I have seen, but mostly I am hoping to share some of the troubleshooting techniques and knowledge so that others can solve their own problems.